Who wants to be a dragon?

Ever thought of being a dragon?

The National Citizen Programme (or NCP) is a 4 week development programme aimed at young people (16 plus) from across Cambridgeshire.

The programme works with young people to help them build their self-confidence and team skills.

They then meet community people and organisations to understand the offer for their local community, and use this gained knowledge and skill to prepare and carry out their own Community piece of work which is called a Social Action Project, giving something back to their communities.

The hope is that the young people will continue with their volunteering or community role after the programme has ended.

Cambridgeshire County Council is looking for voluntary sector representatives to help out in a dragons-den style assessment of young people and their ideas.

This would involve hearing the young people pitch their ideas to the panel, where you can ask questions about the planning or the delivery.

The panel would decide if their project is well thought out and planned to go ahead.  It’s very light- hearted and will just encourage the young people to ensure they have planned their projects well.

There are two dates for the dragons- den:
• Tuesday 25th July 2017 at 2pm.
• Tuesday 15th Aug 2017 at 2pm.

Each day will have a panel in 2 locations:

• The Fire Station in Parkside – Cambridge.
• The Rock Road Library – Cambridge.

Potential dragon’s can choose their date and their preferred venue. Simply contact  Kim.Jeffries@cambridgeshire.gov.uk


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