Why we want to work with business

Support Cambridgeshire wants to work with business, small and large.


  • We understand that business has a major part to play in local communities.
  • We recognise the skills and abilities that business has in abundance.
  • We hope that some businesses might want to give back to their communities through supporting local voluntary groups.


We recognise that some companies, particularly new or small business have very little time or financial resource. Why would they, after all their trying to build a company from the ground -up.

We further understand that larger companies (with a clear Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy) might wish to align themselves to a National Charity, where the opportunity for team challenges are greatly increased.


There is a middle route offered by Support Cambridgeshire which uses the skill and knowledge that business has in a simple non – complex way.


  • An IT company providing a simple written guidance note on making the best use of your organisation’s computer system, which we can design into a PDF toolkit for downloading by over 600 community groups across Cambridgeshire.
  • A Marketing company providing a document about how best to make use of your organisations USP, or how best to advertise voluntary services?
  • A Health and Safety Consultancy offering 1 or 2 free Organisational Health and Safety checks to community groups per year.
  • The offer of office space for community meetings, Organisational AGMS or networking events.
  • A company offering a free 2 hour training session on Data Protection,  Equality of Opportunity or Fundraising and Sales.

Simple but effective ways to help community groups develop and grow.

And what does a business get in return?

  • The certain knowledge that your help has enabled community organisations to build and develop.
  • Flexible commitment – give us much or as little time as you want.
  • Using your staff skills to help them grow in confidence.
  • Your organisational profile with your logo on our website.
  • Invites to peer learning and network events.
  • The use of Support Cambridgeshire’s bespoke logo on your advertising and marketing materials.

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