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If you:

Are a CEO or an MD of a thriving Cambridgeshire based business, and want to give something back to the community in which you live and trade, then read on: 

Support Cambridgeshire recognises that local business has a major role to play in the health and well-being of local communities.

Business helps to shape spaces and people, areas and neighbourhoods.

As a CEO or MD you will recognise this, but are you struggling to find a way you can help?

Support Cambridgeshire has a direct offer: Support local community organisations with skill and expertise.

Give some of your time, or your staff’s time to mentor and guide a community group. Watch a group grow through the application of your expertise.

Not a long never ending project, but a bite sized element of support, given when you can.

For more information or to support us contact Support Cambridgeshire or complete our online form outlining what areas you’re interested in and skills you can offer.

There are many ways you can help and assist:

Providing support

Local business have skills and experience in financial accounting, human resources and organisational development which they can impart to new and existing community organisations, to help them strengthen grow and become more organised and accountable.

Gifts in Kind

Local business can often provide meeting venues free of charge, or assist in supporting community events.

Products and services

Local business can support community organisations with products and services.

What we can offer to businesses

  • A mutually beneficial relationship between local business and community groups and organisations.
  • Partners with us will have a thorough understanding of community organisations and the requirements town and parish councils.
  • Development workers who can thoroughly assess requests for support and decide whether or not these can be met by local business.
  • Local business can be confident that any application has been bench-tested before they receive it, preventing lost time and a lack of clarity.
  • Development workers can liaise with local business to ensure that adequate progress is made with each application, and can broker relations between business and the community groups concerned
  • Each relationship will be defined as short term – a bite sized element of support which local business can easily schedule amongst their other work.
  • Clear feedback will be provided to business on the effect of their support.

In addition, participating businesses can expect:

  • a listing on our our website
  • use of our logo and strapline
  • a feature, article or relevant link within our monthly newsletter
  • invitations to networking and peer-learning events
  • opportunities for business promotion
  • the opportunity to assist in social action initiatives within Cambridgeshire neighbourhoods
  • Staff development
  • The ability to bench – test material to new audiences
  • Brand extension, and the potential to reach new markets and new market segments.

What can we offer to development partners

We know there are many charities and community organisations who meet with business across Cambridgeshire on a regular basis. We would like those organisations to talk about our aims and objectives for communities within Cambridgeshire, and engage business support.

In return, we will:

  • ensure that development partners understand the aims and objectives of Support Cambridgeshire
  • invite development partners to our regular Joint Learning and Skills Group sessions to build rapport and mutual understanding
  • give development partners access to our training programme
  • invite development partners to relevant networking and peer learning events
  • provide a dedicated presence on our website for development partners
  • provide an agreed use for our logo and strapline
  • exploit natural and possible funding coalitions between Support Cambridgeshire and its development partners.

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