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Town and Parish work gains momentum

Cambridgeshire ACRE are continuing to work closely with Town and Parish councils across Cambridgeshire: Latest developments include:

Several peer learning events are being arranged for Town and Parish Council Clerks and Councillors.

A series of workshops on the subjects of Timebanking, Nature Reserves, Funding Green Spaces and Affordable Housing are being arranged for April, May and July 2017.

The events are being held at different locations across the districts to encourage the widest possible participation.

Invitations to all events will be sent to parish council clerks and chairman who will be encouraged to distribute them amongst their members.

Details will also be published on the Support Cambridgeshire website.

Places on each workshop are limited, and will be available on a first come first served basis.

18 people have signed up for the first event to be held on 3 April. A review of the event will be in the next edition of this newsletter.

A service directory has been produced outlining the different services provided by local and national support organisations and local authorities.

The purpose of the directory is to distinguish between the different services offered by the different support organisations and provide contact details so that Town and Parish Councils understand the most appropriate organisation to ask for support or guidance in any given situation.

The Directory will be updated at least twice yearly or when it is known that information has changed to ensure that it is kept up to date and relevant.

The Directory will be available electronically to all parish and town council clerks and councillors, distributed at County wide events and is available on the Cambridgeshire ACRE website.

All enquiries about the project should be directed to Diane Bayliss, Town and Parish Council Development Officer on 01353 865040 or by email to

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