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The town and parish council development work continues to gain momentum

As part of Support Cambridgeshire a ‘How to Set up a Timebank’ Workshop was held at the CHS Group in Histon on the 3rd April 2017.

A Timebank is an exciting way for people to come together and exchange knowledge, help and skills. For every hour given, that hour is banked by the Timebank Coordinator and then withdrawn when the member needs it.

This was the first event organised as part of the project and was well attended with 17 delegates representing 12 Parish Councils, South Cambridgeshire District Council and some voluntary organisations. The afternoon comprised power-point presentations and case studies from the Cambourne Timebank Coordinator.

The feedback from the event was very positive and there has been a significant amount of follow up information sent out to attendees: Hopefully we will see more Timebanks set up across the County as a result of this workshop.  For further information on setting up a Timebank please contact Gerry Cano, CHS Group Cambridge or visit

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