Soham Sparks: The Results Are In

Communities Officer Ben Pitt has been working in Soham since September 2018, supporting local residents to enrich community life in their town. It’s been a busy seven months, culminating in the launch of Soham Community Association on 4 April. This group has responded to the need for a new organisation to look after the finances of the local community newsletter. They also recognised a wider need to bring the residents, organisations and businesses of Soham together for the benefit of the town. Their mission statement speaks volumes about their ambition to make Soham a happier, more caring and more connected community.

The launch of SCA on 4 April was the perfect opportunity for Ben to share the findings of the Soham Community Survey. This asked residents what they like, dislike and want to change about their town. The subsequent report aims to establish patterns in the responses, ready to inform and shape future community projects in the town. Read more about Ben’s work on the Soham Sparks Blog.

Nellie the Tuk Tuk

The Neighbourhood Cares Team in Soham are asking potential donors to support their #Nellie4Soham campaign.

Nellie is a Tuk Tuk who currently lives in Ely.  Neighbourhood Cares are working with community partners to run a Crowdfunding campaign to bring her to Soham – click here!

The idea is that Nellie will provide volunteer-fuelled Community Transport to help people get out and about in the town.

Neighbourhood Cares are leading the campaign, Viva will own and look after Nellie and Soham Men’s Shed will recruit and organise volunteer drivers to help people get out and about in Soham.

Theye need to raise £4000 in 30 days (14 Feb – 16 March).

To succeed they need your support to make the campaign fly.  Please could you help by:

  1. Donating: Encourage others to visit #Nellie4Soham Crowdpatch page
  2. Spreading the Word: Tell everyone you know about the campaign, especially anyone you know who has links to Soham: Like their Neighbourhood Cares Soham Facebook (@NCSoham) and follow them on Twitter @CaresSoham. Please share all of their posts and tweets!
  3. Helping to recruit Volunteers: Soham needs volunteer fuel. They have a Lend-a-Hand board next to their Nellie-o-meter in the local library with a range of opportunities. They will also use social media to feature these volunteering possibilities.

There is also a film pitch (our film pitch) which can be accessed via the link.