Staff Support Hub Update – Finance support for staff & volunteers

Tools and Webinars to help your Financial Wellbeing

The cost-of-living crisis is increasing and so are the financial worries. More than a quarter of the UK adults feel ashamed, depressed, and anxious due to financial worries. This isn’t something to be ashamed of, but it is important that you can face up to it and get the help you need.

To help reduce the financial worries of the staff, we the Staff Support Hub have collaborated with the MoneyHelper to add some useful finance calculators to our website.

We have a range of free financial tools including:

  • Budget Planner
  • Savings Calculator
  • Credit Card Calculator
  • Loan Calculator
  • Redundancy pay calculator and planner
  • Pension calculator
  • Workplace pension contribution calculators


Also, this new financial help webpage on our website has got:

  • Online, Telephone, and Face-to-face debt advice services
  • Money Manager for Universal Credit claimants
  • Redundancy Advice Plan


Accessing the Financial Tools

To access these tools, please click here. Alternatively, you can find these calculators on our website under the ‘More Support’ tab.


Money worries can impact your mental health.

If you feel your financial worries are affecting your mental health, please call our helpline number at 0808 801 0377 or chat with us online from our website here.


Financial Wellbeing Webinars

 Also, along with Money Charity, we are organising two financial wellbeing webinars this month.

Please click on the below webinar titles for more details and to register.




Other Upcoming Webinars

Please click on the webinar dates below for more details about the webinar and to register.


August 2022 ICS Newsletter – All Together for healthier futures

The first ICS Newsletter is here!

Jan Thomas, Chief Executive Officer for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Integrated Care System (CPICS) and NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough (the Integrated Care Board), sets out what’s been happening across the ICS in the first month.

In summary, there has been lots of positive work and a few key developments, NHS Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Board met and appointed new Partner Board Members; Cambridge University Hospital (CUH) NHS Foundation Trust launched a brand new Heart and Lung Research Institute (HLRI) in collaboration with the University of Cambridge. North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust (NWangliaFT) launched its first-ever Digital, Data and Technology Strategy.

The first-ever Health Inequalities Challenge Prize called on people and organisations to submit plans for new projects to make a positive difference in our local communities.  An expert panel judged the applications, and eight finalists have been awarded £3,000 in funding for their project, as well as expert support.  You can find out more about the finalists on the ICS website.

Following excellent collaborative work across the Integrated Care System, CPICS have now submitted their plans to NHS England.  This revised operational plan takes into account new funding received to mitigate against the impact of inflation (net £25m), as well as the ongoing effects of COVID-19.

Everything at Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Integrated Care System is about improving the health and wellbeing of our local people and communities.  If you want to find out more about how the CPICS works, please get in touch with them in the following way;

Follow CPICS on socials – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Read this newsletter in full here

For more information on the ICS  – visit their website.


August ICS Staff Support Hub Newsletter

If you work in healthcare, social care, the voluntary or not-for-profit sectors in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and need someone to talk to, our Staff Support Hub is here for you.  The below link allows you to read the latest information and services available to all VCSE organisations offering health and social care services to the community.


Staff Support Hub / Grants for wellbeing of staff and volunteers/ 30th Sept

The Staff Wellbeing Grants, for Social Care (e.g. domiciliary care and nursing home teams), third sector organisations involved in the provision of health or social care, and Primary Care Teams (that are registered with the Enhanced Occupational Health Pilot), are aimed to provide staff and volunteers with the opportunity to fund an initiative to show appreciation, improve staff morale and wellbeing. The grants must be used towards a wellbeing activity of choice.

There will be a maximum of £20,000 for each sector. That is £500 per applicant, but there are conditions!

Applicants should submit their application using the application form and should:

  1. Show what the proposed use of the grant will be.
  2. How it will improve the morale and wellbeing of the staff team.
  3. How many members of staff/volunteers will benefit from the grant.
  4. That staff support the application.

Please ask for detailed terms and conditions. The closing date for all applications is September. 

Detailed terms and conditions can be found here.

So far, they have been so well received and we are still receiving applications, but there is still room for more! The closing date is NOW 30TH SEPTEMBER 2022 (OR WHEN THE SECTOR POT IS FULLY ALLOCATED)!

Mental Health & Learning Disabilities Expression of Interest

NHS Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Integrated Care System (ICS) are working with Hunts Forum to appoint a Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector partner to manage a two-year programme, with a total budget of £750,000, to support people with mental health needs (including those with a learning disability who also have mental health needs).

The deadline to submit your completed submissions is midday, 29th July 2022 and should be emailed to

For more information, click here.


A change is coming.

Much work has been done in the background regarding making plans and drawing up strategies to embed the VCSE sector with the Integrated Care System (ICS).

We recently attended our fifth session, where we continued to develop a working strategy ready for sign-off at the end of June, in readiness for when the ICS takes over from the CCGs in July.  As you can imagine, this is a huge task and has involved a lot of representatives from our voluntary sector.  We have been working very closely with members of the CEO Network who represent all our charities, social enterprises and local community groups in our region.  Aimee Cole, the Lead Partner from NAVCA and Julie Farrow, CEO of Hunts Forum, have been responsible for spearheading the work. Working together, they have steered the meetings to ensure we deliver our proposed strategy to the Integrated Care Board (ICB) through a ‘Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)’, a document describing the board outline and accepted expectations of all parties.

What you need to know about the ICS (in a nutshell)

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Integrated Care System (ICS) will become a statutory body in July 2022 and replace the former CCGs (Community Care Groups).  The ICS brings together NHS organisations and providers, local authorities, and voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCSE) organisations to promote, support and improve the health and wellbeing of almost a million people living locally.

Following the ‘ICS Design Framework’ by NHS published in June 2021, the guidance concluded there was an enhanced role for the VCSE sector, not just as service providers but also in system leadership and governance.  The framework also offered flexibility In how the VCSE sector interpreted its role and recommended they form an alliance to discuss a strategy on how the VCSE sector could be embedded within Cambridgeshire and Peterborough to create a successful partnership.

VCSE Leadership Group (CEO Network)

Through our county consortia, ‘Support Cambridgeshire’, a VCSE Leadership Group was established to work alongside our existing CEO Network and bring together people who have an extensive range of voluntary sector expertise, as part of the ‘Embedding the VCSE in the ICS’ work. Collectively they also represented the VCSE at various boards and forums and were constantly able to advise the VCSE Leadership Group by providing ideas, having open discussions, giving feedback and ultimately identifying the critical infrastructure needed to work a successful partnership.

Where are we now?

We are nearly at the finish line with only a few weeks before submitting our Strategy to the ICB.  Whilst the Strategy won’t be set in stone, it will set out our current thinking on the tangible goals we want to achieve in the short, medium and long term, and it will be revisited in the next 12 months to reflect any changes as the ICS develops.  Our overarching goals within our strategy include;

  • Support and enable a thriving VCSE sector to play its part
  • Place the VCSE as an equal partner within the system
  • Work to drive change and create a tangible impact on people and communities and tackle health inequalities
  • Build robust, inclusive and empowering relationships throughout our partnership

You will be able to find more in-depth information on our progress and take a closer look around the ICS on our Support Cambridgeshire website over the forthcoming weeks.

The Support Staff Hub Latest Newsletter

The NHS Staff Support Hub is open to all Voluntary and community volunteers and workers who work on the front line. They have a number of services you can access free of charge and are welcome to attend any of their events.

Below you will  find their latest newsletter.


In this issue:

*Accident & Emergency. The Front Line   *Hospital Discharge Policy Legal Judgement   *New “Working Well” Team Just For You   *Brand New Counselling Service   *Mindfulness. Join an 8-Week Course   *OH Pilot: Rebranded to Primary Care OH and HR Service   *Pre-Retirement Courses   *Wellbeing Webinars. Focus on: Staff Support Forums   *Upcoming Events! Webinars & Support Forums   *About Us & Hub On A Page   *Don’t Miss Out! Previous Newsletters

Click on the image to view the newsletter

ICS December Newsletter

As the Integrated Care System (ICS) develops, there have been many advances. To keep you all in the loop, please find the latest newsletter explaining how the transition is progressing, while also announcing the appointment of the CEO designate and critical programmes of work that will be going ahead in the new year.

Click here or on the image below


Launch of Health Inequalities Prize

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough ICS is committed to tackling health inequalities, including those which are a result of digital exclusion. We have launched an innovative new challenge fund to tackle digital exclusion in healthcare across the county.

Digital health and care innovation is beginning to transform health services, and the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the use of digital healthcare support. However, it has also shone a light on the inequalities of digital access to health and care services, as people who do not have access to information and services online are likely to be more at risk of poorer health and social care outcomes.

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough ICS Health Inequalities Challenge Prize 2022 aims to tackle the digital divide in our communities and support the most vulnerable people in our community.

The Health Inequalities Challenge Prize encourages NHS organisations, social care organisations, charities and local innovators to help tackle health and social care inequalities caused by digital exclusion. The prize has been launched in partnership with Cambridgeshire Community Foundation and Healthwatch Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.



Individuals, groups and organisations wishing to apply must do so by 1 February 2022.

Eight finalists will each be awarded a grant of £3,000 for projects designed to support those who are digitally excluded. From these, one winner will be chosen and awarded an additional £10,000 prize money to continue their project. All finalists and the winner must adhere to the objectives as set out by Cambridgeshire and Peterborough ICS. For more information please visit

Update on the development of the Health Care ICS

On the 28th of September, the Health and Wellbeing Network met to discuss the new changes and developments around the new Integrated Care System, implemented within Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Julie Farrow, the CEO of Hunts Forum and lead organisation on the Support Cambridgeshire partnership, updated the group, explaining the ICS and back story and talked through the expectation moving forward. It was finally ended talking about a new pot of money that has been won around getting the VCSE engaged within the process.

The presentation can be viewed again below. Slides can be viewed here > HWN Sept 21

Following the presentation, the group were asked to think about two questions and feedback was inputted into a Jambaord, which can be accessed here we welcome further comments and ideas (Link live until December 2021)

The below links showcase more information for those who would like to know more about the ICS and ICP’s.

In Julie’s update, she talks through some funding obtained to support VCSE to engage with the ICS. The Express of Intrest can be found here > Embedding the VCSE in ICSs Cohort 3 EOI v4

If you would like to know more about the ICS or want to engage with its development, then please get in touch with Julie Farrow –