Grant Funding for Community Buildings – Thrive Renewables

Applicable for community buildings within 20 miles of the Ransonmoor, March or Boardinghouse wind sites renewable energy project, in which Thrive Renewables is invested.

This is a new round of grant funding to be used for upgrades to community buildings, like village halls and community centres. These buildings may be eligible for a grant of up to £4,000 to cover carbon saving improvements such as insulation, draught-proofing, LED lighting or improved heating controls, which reduce a building’s carbon footprint.

Instructions for applicants:

Please read the guidance document here and check whether your building is within a 20-mile of a Thrive site (see map and table on webpage) and meets the other criteria.

The next step is to complete the basic energy survey to help identify the most appropriate improvements to the building. You’ll also need to get some quotes for the improvements identified, fill in the short application form (link on webpage) and send it to CSE email (details below). If you need more support to identify appropriate upgrades for your community building, get in touch.  Guidance can be provided on things like:

  • how to find an installer
  • low and zero cost energy saving improvements
  • turning your audit into a report
  • other sources of funding and finance for community buildings

The deadline for applications Midnight the 11th of September 2022 after this deadline all applications will be assessed. Awards will be made to the applications which can demonstrate that the improvements to their community building will achieve the most impact in terms of carbon savings and social value.

For more information, visit the webpage or email