Navigate the world of social investment

Navigate the world of social investment with Good Finance.

Good finance is a new website specifically designed to help community and voluntary organisations navigate the often complex world of social investment.

It was designed by charities & social enterprises and developed in collaboration with Locality, Big Society Capital, Access, Government and other key sector partners.

The new website provides organisations with useful information, guidance and advice on such subjects as:

  • Understanding the world of social investment.
  • Understanding the requirements of social investment (the 6 key stages of preparation).
  • Sources of investment from a directory of investors and advisors.
  • Educational content, resources, guidance notes and case studies.
  • Interactive tools to help organisations decide whether social investment is appropriate to their circumstances.
  • Understanding social impact and whats required in its evaluation.

Support Cambridgeshire works with a number of development partners who have skills. knowledge and expertise in the field of social investment.

Please contact Support Cambridgeshire if you require further information.

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