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What makes a good charity?

New Philanthropy Capital have just released their latest findings on what makes a good charity?

The report framework focuses on four main areas.


  • Does the charity’s vision and mission answer a need?
  • Does the charity have a good strategy for achieving its goals?
  • Do the charity’s activities reflect the strategy?
  • Does the charity achieve results?

Impact and practice

  • Does the charity use information to learn and improve?
  • Does the charity know what it is achieving?
  • Does the charity have the right approach to evaluation?
  • Is the charity open about its findings?


  • Does the charity have good leadership?
  • Does the charity recruit good people and manage them well?
  • How good is the charity’s governance?
  • Do people using the charity help to shape its work?
  • Does the charity have a healthy organisational culture?

Finance and operations

  • Is the charity financially secure?
  • Does the charity have good financial management?
  • Does the charity have good operational management?
  • Does the charity make efficient use of all its resources?

The full report can be read here

If you are a Cambridgeshire-based organisation that requires any support, advice or guidance on constitutions, mission statements, volunteer management, operational development or finance then please contact Support Cambridgeshire.

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