I ♥ Wisbech

Is all about sharing your ideas and thoughts about Wisbech and helping you make them happen.

We all know that the best people to ask about what is right or wrong, or what could be improved is those who live, work or invest in the Town itself.

The I Heart Wisbech Team (which consists of a partnership of community based organsations and representatives from Fenland District, Wisbech Town and Cambridgeshire County Council) want to find out what a good community looks like to you, and what you would do to improve your neighbourhood if given the opportunity.

We want to ask you 3 questions about what you love about Wisbech and what you’d change.

If you have an idea that can benefit where you live, we want to hear about it! It will only take around 5 minutes to complete the questions.

The questions can be found here

We want this to be the biggest single survey ever conducted about Wisbech – so your help is crucial. Please complete the survey and encourage your friends, neighbours and families to do so.

The information will be collated after Christmas 2018 and will help us to engage with you about some of the improvements you wish to see.

Make sure you provide your contact details so that we can get in touch..!!

If you require any further information about the survey please contact Russell Rolph at russell@huntsforum.org.uk



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