Glimmers of returning public trust in charities

The Third Sector Magazine comments on returning public trust for charities.

In their latest report, Donating Trends,  the head-line statement appears to be that whilst things are far from perfect, perceptions of the sector are improving.

Harris Interactive (on behalf of Third Sector)  surveyed over 2,000 people between the 20th and the 27th March 2017.

On the issue of public trust, 39% of respondents said they considered charities to be highly trustworthy, compared with 9% who considered them untrustworthy.

20% of respondents scored charities 8 out of 10 for trustworthiness, and charities scored considerably higher than both the media and the government.

12% of those aged 55 or over considered charities untrustworthy, compared to 6% of those aged 16-24.

48% of respondents said they trusted charities to spend their money wisely, compared with 29% who said they distrusted charities to do so.

60% of respondents said that whilst they had read the negative coverage of charities over the past 2 years, this had not altered their view of charities.

27% said they now held more negative opinions.

Respondents were also asked to select which issue would reduce their trust in charities.

44% said high levels of executive pay.

39% said being pressured to donate.

34% said the negative effect of door to door fundraising.

The full report is available to purchase from trends

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