Wellbeing Training for Managers and Supervisors

Date: 19 November 2021
Time: 00:00 - 00:00
Location: Online
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Many people find it challenging to talk about mental health at work. Frontline staff may feel embarrassed about their suffering, while managers may not know what to say. Unfortunately, this can contribute to a vicious cycle as no one talks about it and the stigma and isolation grow.

In this workshop series, managers and supervisors will discover how to notice suffering in their team and start conversations safely. Through a straight-forward four-step process, attendees will learn how to :

  1. Notice suffering in their colleagues
  2. Identify and overcome the barriers to engaging team members
  3. Cultivate empathy for their distress
  4. Respond appropriately and effectively to alleviate their concerns

There are two sessions in the series, of two hours duration each.

  • Session One: How to notice suffering in the workplace and start conversations with your staff.
  • Session Two: How to overcome barriers to compassion, build empathy and alleviate suffering.

Upon registering for Session 1, delegates will automatically receive an invite for Session 2 in that series. The series of workshops will run twice each month:


Fri 19th November 10-12 pm (Session 1); Fri 26th Nov10-12 pm (Session 2)


Please note:

Eligibility criteria applies – these events are free to attend for managers and supervisors working in the health, social care or voluntary/not-for-profit sector (providing health and care services).

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