Volunteering: Do we need passports or passporting?

Date: 20 September 2022
Time: 12:00 - 13:30
Location: Online
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Following on from the Connecting Communities Conference 2022, and the Vision for Volunteering event. Support Cambridgeshire partners are excited to bring you Volunteering: Do we need Passports or Passporting? An interactive and informative event where community groups and charities can explore the ideas surrounding the concept of volunteer passports and passporting between volunteer roles.

This event will start with a presentation from Gethyn Williams, who will bring you the theory behind this idea, most recently popularised by a government paper, Levelling up our Communities, which Danny Kruger MP wrote in September 2020 for the (former) Prime Minister, Boris . Here he will talk through both the concepts of ‘Passports’ (usually used to provide recognition or validation of a volunteer’s activity) and ‘Passporting’ (common systems and processes used by organisations, collaborating around volunteering, designed to make volunteering more efficient for hosts and more streamlined for volunteers themselves) covering the challenges and opportunities of each.

Following this, there will be the opportunity for questions for the audience, with a discussion around the ideas and the possibility of this happening within Cambridgeshire.


Aims of event

  • To upskill individuals to understand passports and passporting
  • To allow groups and individuals to talk through barriers and opportunities
  • To give those who wish to start to investigate and to build possible networks with others to do so


Who is this event for?

We see two audiences:

  • those who manage volunteers and can bring a lived experience of dealing with volunteers to the discussion
  • along with policymakers within the organisation, such as senior managers and trustees.

For passports or passporting to happen, there needs to be an agreement at the top to change ways of working. This event allows everyone to talk through challenges and understand why this massive change in recruiting and sharing volunteers might be needed.




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