Funding for volunteering in sport

Start date: 15 February 2017
End date: 15 February 2018
Time: 00:00 - 00:00

Every month, 5.6 million people across England volunteer to enable others to take part in sport and physical activity.

Sport England has released two new funds to help volunteering and social action in sport.

The Potentials Fund targets children and young people aged 10 to 20 (with a particular focus on 10-14 year-olds).

The Opportunity Fund targets people, especially adults, from disadvantaged areas. The new funds are the start of a £26m investment into volunteering between now and 2021.

Sport England are looking for projects that will provide people with opportunities which consider their individual needs and ensure they have the right support to get the most from the experience.

Projects will ideally demonstrate a positive impact on the wider community. That might mean anything from cleaner parks and river banks, to improved community relations or reduced stigma around ex-offenders.

To be eligible for the funds, your project will need to demonstrate that it can have a double benefit, for individuals and for the wider community. Specifically, it should contribute to improving:

  • Mental wellbeing and/or individual development
  • Social and community development.

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