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Huntingdon District Council awards funding to the voluntary sector

Following the decision in July 2016 to award further funding to support the voluntary sector, Huntingdonshire District Council is pleased to announce that, after a successful tendering process, it has awarded £534,000 in voluntary sector funding for the next three years, in the form of two contracts.

The two contracts will run from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2020 and will see the council work with the voluntary and community sector to support the provision of a range of information, advice and guidance to residents of Huntingdonshire. The contracts also seek to support and build capacity in the vibrant voluntary and community sector that exists within the district.

The contract for the provision of information, advice and guidance has been awarded to Rural Cambs Citizens Advice. The contract will see them continuing to provide high quality professional advice to residents through their online activities, telephone contact, face-to-face offices and the availability of home visits.

The second contract for supporting and building capacity in the voluntary and community sector will see a consortium of Hunts Forum, as the lead organisation, work with Allia, Cambridgeshire ACRE and Living Sport. This contract will see a range of support being provided to voluntary and community groups looking to develop volunteer opportunities and engage with volunteers, to develop governance arrangements for new or existing community organisations, develop community resilience, and provide a voice for the sector.

Cllr Ryan Fuller, Executive Councillor with responsibility for voluntary sector and community grants, said:

“In making this grant award, the District Council continues to foster its relations with, and support for, the voluntary and community services that exist within Huntingdonshire. We recognise the valuable services that organisations such as Citizens Advice and Hunts Forum provide in supporting our residents, communities and businesses; often adding value to traditional council services, or in some cases providing services directly to the council. With this funding I am confident that we will see a continued strength in the voluntary sector for the benefit of everyone in Huntingdonshire.”

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