Working with local business

Support Cambridgeshire is keen to work with the local business sector. Business has a major part to play in the development of local communities, and can provide skills and experience which community organisations and community representatives do not possess. A thriving business sector helps local communities to strengthen and grow.

Over the next 12 months, the Support Cambridgeshire project will seek to compile an approved list of local businesses who want to give back to their communities through support, advice, donations or gifts in kind. Support Cambridgeshire will seek to match the skills required by communities with the skills and experience offered by the local business sector, and broker engagement between both sectors.

Business support can take many forms:

  • Face to face advice: Through networking or 1-1 sessions.
  • Telephone advice: By talking through problems or issues which require support and resolving them through a telephone session.
  • Online support : Checking through and advising on forms, leases or contracts.

Support Cambridgeshire is keen to hear from any Cambridgeshire based businesses who want to help and assist. Please contact to learn more about the project.


Communicating across the sectors

Support Cambridgeshire partners are committed to keeping their members and others updated on the key milestones of the project, together with advice on training, possible funding sources and matters of interest to the community and business sectors.

Support Cambridgeshire partners will issue a monthly newsletter under the Support Cambridgeshire project banner.

In addition, funding alerts will be sent monthly, identifying possible sources of new funding available within the sector.

Cambridge CVS, Hunts Forum and Cambridgeshire Acre will also keep their own members updated with a series of newsletters and bulletins.

Any group, organisation or business interested in signing up to the Support Cambridgeshire newsletter or funding alert should contact

Training will take place throughout the year as a way of supporting and building knowledge amongst community organisations. Visit our events page to see more.

Network events will also take place throughout 2017 on a range of different subjects, from funding specific fairs through to general updates on best practice. Visit our events page to see more.

Support Cambridgeshire partners will report to our commissioners on a quarterly basis, and will produce an annual report each October.

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