New Guidance to Support Victims of Criminal Exploitation

The Children’s Society has published a toolkit for people working with children and young people trafficked for the purpose of criminal exploitation in relation to ‘County Lines’.

The following is taken from the toolkit introduction:

The term ‘county lines’ is becoming more widely recognised and used to describe situations where young people may be internally trafficked for the purpose of criminal exploitation. What is often less understood is the experiences a young person faces and the potential for them to be harmed through various forms of abuse and exploitation as a result. This toolkit hopes to address some gaps in knowledge and offer suggestions for supporting young people who are at risk of, or being trafficked for the purpose of criminal exploitation.

There is currently no legal definition of county lines or criminal exploitation and also very little guidance. Currently, the criminal exploitation of children and young people is often not fully understood by services working with young people which can impact on the response that a young person receives. Trafficking and criminal exploitation are forms of abuse and therefore should be afforded a safeguarding response. Often the visible symptoms of this abuse are responded to, meaning that many young people receive a criminal justice response and their safeguarding needs can be overlooked as a result.

This guidance has been produced by The Children’s Society as part of the National CSE/A Prevention Programme for England and Wales, in partnership with Victim Support. Please click here to view the document in PDF format.

Cambridgeshire Adult Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services: Invitation to Tender


Cambridgeshire Adult Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services are currently being re-tendered. Interested parties are invited to a networking workshop on Friday the 2nd February between 1PM and 4PM at Hinchingbrooke Countryside Centre.

The afternoon will include presentations by Joe Keegan of the Public Health Commissioning Team Manager (Drugs & Alcohol/Sexual Health) at Cambridgeshire County Council, and Julie Farrow, Chief Executive of Hunts Forum of Voluntary Organisations, and lead partner with Support Cambridgeshire. These will be followed by discussion workshops and networking opportunities.

Following consultation with service users, local and national stakeholders and the general public, the Council’s vision is for community-based recovery provision, including peer support, connecting individuals and families to local networks for recovery. It wants providers to work holistically to improve individual’s needs around housing, employment and mental health. It hopes that Cambridgeshire-based treatment providers and third-sector organisations can bring their local expertise to ensure that resources are targeted efficiently and successfully.

In order for potential bidders (some of which will be national organisations) to understand the local landscape and appreciate the wide range of third sector providers that work across Cambridgeshire, we would like to provide the opportunity for all parties to meet, network and cement links for future partnerships.

The new contract will start on the 1 October 2018.

We hope that you will be able to join us on the 2nd February 2018 to meet and network with current and potentially new colleagues.

If you wish to book a space, please email

Tea and Biscuits will be provided.

The quest for funding

The State of the Sector survey for 2017 showed beyond doubt that community organisations across Cambridgeshire are facing massive financial challenges, and that reductions in grant levels, combined with a greater level of difficulty in obtaining grants is a real worry.

Support Cambridgeshire launched its self funding portal this year, known as Support Cambridgeshire 4 Communities.

This portal enables individuals and community organisations to search for funding opportunities, based upon the type of organisation and the type of funding required.

It takes just a few minutes to register. You can then have unlimited searches free of charge – forever.

The site has received over 1,200 visits since it launched, so why not register and give it a go..!!

If you need help navigating your way around the system let us know at

If you find a funding opportunity but need assistance to develop your plans, let us know.



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