Support Cambridgeshire is a project, funded by Cambridgeshire County Council bringing together partner organisations who will work together to support community groups and organisations across Cambridgeshire.

Support Cambridgeshire will deliver better outcomes for local organisations across the county, with the expectation of a stronger and more vibrant voluntary and community sector. We will harness the skills and expertise contained within the partnership, but will also use other development partners as and when needed.

Hunts Forum of Voluntary Organisations will lead the partnership, supported by Cambridge Council for Voluntary Services. Each of the partners will serve as expert sources of advice and guidance.

What we do

Funding and income

Income generation is key to all Voluntary and Community groups. We help groups to find the right finds through information and support.

Volunteering and social action

Social action is about people and communities coming together to solve problems which affect them by volunteering and taking action.

Voice and representation

We help community groups and statutory organisations with the challenges they face by championing their work and helping them to share expertise and skills.

Relationships and connections

Supporting the sector and partners to build better relationships and create new networking opportunities.

Information and advice

Getting the right information, advice and guidance is essential for your organisation, whether it’s face-to-face support, training or attending networking events.

Community assets

Supporting with the development of communities through utilising the community assets, these include people, community buildings and green spaces.

Our partnership

Hunts Forum

The umbrella organisation in Huntingdonshire providing information, guidance and support to help voluntary and community organisations set up, develop and grow.

Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service

An independent charity set up by local organisations as an infrastructure and networking organisation to help, develop and support local charities in Cambridge City, Fenland and South Cambridgeshire.